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Reference guide on the layout of the minute labels. 

Label example - 13.06.26-Regular Meeting (A,N,M,S)


The numbers at the beginning are year. month. day. Followed by the type of meeting:

Regular Meeting - This is a regular scheduled meeting of the HCEAA. 

Special Meeting - This is a meeting that was called by the president of the HCEAA in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings.

Annual Meeting/Budget Hearing - Meeting held annually for the state of the HCEAA and to gain public input on the budgeting process.

No Quorum- This means there were not enough board members present to conduct business. 

No Meeting- This means there was no meeting held for the month. 

The final part of the label will show a a group of letters. The letters show what attachments are included. 

A - Agenda 

N - Meeting Notice

M - Meeting Minutes

S - Attendance Log 

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