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Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority
Ambulance Fee

Hardy County Emergency Ambulance Authority

The Hardy County Commission passed an ordinance which concerns the imposition and collection of a Special Emergency Ambulance Service Fee, and is adopted under the authority of Chapter 7, Article 15, Section 17 of the West Virginia Code.

This ordinance is enacted for the purpose of establishing and maintaining an adequate emergency ambulance system within the geographic boundaries of Hardy County, West Virginia. An adequate emergency ambulance system is necessary to promote the health and welfare of the citizens of Hardy County. 


Emergency ambulance service is a public purpose and a responsibility of government for which public money may be spent.

At present, this fee is a uniform fee charged to each living unit and business to which ambulance service is made available.

All revenues received in accordance with this ordinance shall be deposited into a special fund to be known as the Special Emergency Ambulance Service Fee. These funds shall be used to pay reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred including personnel, building maintenance, equipment purchase and repair used in providing emergency ambulance service to residents of the county and others that might require such services. Such funds may be used to pay for, in whole or in part, the establishment, maintenance and operation of the authority. Funds not expended in a given Fiscal year will be maintained in the above Fund and may be used in subsequent Fiscal years as necessary.

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